Scientific breakthrough; iced tea
*loves it*

the rhythm is for you but the song is for methe meaning might be secret but the melody is free
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doin backflips at the YSL store in beverly hillz

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Strokes guitar solos


Nick Valensi

  • The Modern Age
  • Barely Legal 
  • Alone, Together
  • New York City Cops
  • What Ever Happened?
  • Reptilia 
  • 12:51 
  • You Talk Way Too Much 
  • Between Love and Hate 
  • Meet Me in the Bathroom 
  • Juicebox 
  • Heart in a Cage 
  • Electricityscape 
  • +all of Angles

Albert Hammond, Jr.

  • Hard to Explain 
  • Last Nite
  • Trying Your Luck 
  • Take It or Leave It 
  • Automatic Stop
  • Under Control
  • The End Has No End
  • Vision of Division
  • Ize of the World

Fletcher Shears of the Garden by Lasse Dearman styled by Lotta Volkova Adam for Man About Town
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Track: St Justice
Artist: Albert Hammond Jr.
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